Webinar: Grant Writing Kickstarter – Tools & Strategies for the LGBTQ South!

More than half of those applying for Southern Equality Fund (SEF) grants say that it’s the first time they’ve ever written a grant application. We’ve purposely made our funding request process short and straightforward in order to make it accessible to inexperienced grant writers, and we say yes as often as possible. But when our grassroots partners are ready to take the next step and apply for other grants – larger grants – we know from experience how intimidating and overwhelming that experience can be.

Over the years, we’ve sat down with many of our partners to support them through this process, and now we’re excited to bring this support to our full network in our upcoming webinar: “Grant Writing Kickstarter: Tools & Strategies for the LGBTQ South.”

Veteran grant writers from Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE), Southerners on New Ground (SONG), El Centro Hispano, and Groundswell Fund, will share their experiences with grant writing, discuss their most helpful tips and strategies, and provide coaching to webinar participants.

The webinar will be offered twice – once in English and once in Spanish.

  • English only webinar: Tuesday, November 13, 6:30-8 pm EST / 5:30-7PM CST.
  • Spanish-only: Monday, December 10,  6:30-8 pm EST / 5:30-7PM CST.

Click your primary language to reserve your spot and kickstart your grant writing game: English, Spanish.

The good news is that opportunities for funding for grassroots LGBTQ organizers are increasing. However, the funding landscape for LGBTQ work in the South is still relatively small and presents its own unique set of challenges. This webinar will cover the fundamentals for how to effectively tell the story of your work, demystify the complex and confusing landscape of grant funding – especially that of LGBTQ funding in the South, and share honest dialogue about how to weather the storm and not internalize rejection and critique.

After the webinar, on this same page you will be able to watch a full recording of the webinar as well as download a full toolkit of grant writing worksheets and resources.



Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, CSE

Raised in North Carolina, Jasmine Beach-Ferrara is a minister in the United Church of Christ and Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality. She lives in Asheville, NC, with her wife, Meghann, and their son. She writes fiction and  has written widely about LGBTQ issues in the South. She also serves on Buncombe County Commission, where she focuses on policy issues related to early childhood education and equity.


Micah Blaise, SONG

Micah Blaise is an educator, organizer, and femme born & raised in rural South Carolina. She has been involved in feminist and anti-racist organizing in her home state for over ten years. Her professional background includes working as special education teacher with a radical agenda and serving as the first full-time staff person for the Carolina Youth Action Project. Today, Micah is a Development Coordinator with Southerners on New Ground. She is passionate about organizing resources to build power in the South and fundraising to support movement leaders fighting for a world where all of us can live Free from Fear. Micah is a Libra with a Virgo rising who loves making commitments, swimming in the ocean under the full moon, and being barefoot in the kitchen.


Cecilia Sáenz-Becerra, Groundswell Fund

Fiorella Horna, El Centro Hispano (NC)

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