Urgent Action Fund – Rapid Response

Funding to support interventions by activists in a strategic and timely manner.

Rapid Response Grants are mechanisms for quick, flexible, and short-term funding to respond to unexpected security threats or advocacy opportunities. Requests can be made up to $5,000 for activities to be carried out within 3-months of the grant.

Urgent Action Fund accepts applications in any language using online, text and mobile funding applications 365 days of the year. We acknowledge receipt of applications within 24 hours of submission. Decisions are usually made within 1-10 business days.* Once a grant is approved, funds can be wired within 24 hours to 10 business days, depending on need.

Grant proposals must fit four Criteria:

  1. Women/Trans*-led – women/trans* people must be the primary decision-makers in the organization, group, or action.
  2. Women or Trans* Human Rights Focus – the actions proposed promote the advancement of women’s or trans* human rights using nonviolent tactics or strategies.
  3. Unanticipated and Time Urgent – the specific event or situation your organization is responding to was unanticipated, and actions must happen quickly to be effective. Actions must be implemented within 3 months of approval of an application.
  4. Supported/Networked – the group has the support of others involved in women’s human rights or related fields, locally or globally.

Click here to learn how to apply.

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