Trans Lifeline Microgrants: Funding for Trans Healthcare Providers

The Emma Deboncoeur Healthcare Provider Fund is a donations-based fundraiser which provides microgrants to trans people who are healthcare providers or in training to become healthcare providers. Emma’s fund has sprung up in response to the loss of our dear Emma, who passed on March 13th, 2018. She was a brilliant, shining light for so many folks and her commitment to care enriched the lives of everyone she knew. She was on her way to becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner so that she could better serve her community – it was her dream that she and other trans healthcare providers would open a clinic where trans folks, sex workers, and people of color could feel safe and be heard. In the hope of turning Emma’s dream into a reality, it is in her name we wish to support trans people in healthcare.

As with all Trans Lifeline microgrants, the money we raise will go directly to trans people, sans gate-keeping. In this case, grants from Emma’s fund will go to trans people who are healthcare students and/or providers, for whatever they need to keep going. Some of the things these grants may cover include but are not limited to:

– Funds for applications
– Travel and registration for trainings and conferences
– Funds to take NCLEX courses or pay for NCLEX exams
– Funds to pay for other exams
– Funds for tutors
– Textbooks
– School uniforms, stethoscopes, etc
CPR certification or other things for compliance

If you are a trans person who is a healthcare provider, or you are in training to become a healthcare provider, and you need material support to continue providing services, or to continue your training, please sign up here.

If you would like to donate to the Emma Deboncoeur Healthcare Provider Fund, please do so here.

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