Selma Legal Clinic Recap

unnamedBy Quentin D. Bell

The Selma Legal Clinic hosted by TKO Society Inc. & Campaign for Southern Equality provided direct support for 15 Trans-Folks in the form of name change assistance, financial stipends, birth certificate amendments, and general transition guides. However, its impact extends far beyond those 15 trans folks that were able to scratch “Change Name” off of their long list of goals. This clinic empowered LGBTQ allies to directly support Trans folks seeking name changes assistance back home in their personal circles. We even extended our local outreach through this clinic and was able to network with a mother looking for resources for her teenage trans son.

There was a pivotal moment when Daroneshia Duncan began to walk participants (step by step) through the petition for adult name change and you could look around the room and see the impact. Folks were smiling, yet focused on not making errors. It was a powerful moment that I wanted folks to always remember. In an attempt to feed off of the powerful energy we started doing a pop corn style “New Name Introduction”. Seeing so much joy and hearing so much laughter in this Transgender led, safe space is a memory that I will carry with me forever.

A special thank you goes out to Daroneshia Duncan, the wonderful ladies and gents from TAKE Peer Group, and Campaign for Southern Equality for partnering with us to directly support to the LGBTQ Community in Alabama. I’ve dreamed of being an organizer long before I considered myself a LGBTQ activist. I rest well nowadays knowing I’ve help to make an impact and accomplished a goal.

Quentin “Que” Bell, Executive Director of The Knights and Orchids (TKO) Society in Selma, AL, helped to organize one of the Legal Clinics in our series of events in the Carolinas, Alabama, and Mississippi over the last few months

Testimonials from Selma Legal Clinic


Clinics like the one in Selma last Saturday are not only integral to Trans personhood but monumental in efforts to bring stability and comfort to already affected individuals.

Oftentimes Trans identifying people find ourselves at cross-roads. Having to choose between the lives we want to live while at the same time anticipating change without much societal or financial support.

Having one’s name legally match their personhood and physical essence is not only life changing, but exactly the type of work needed to be replicated for so man trans peers across our ever changing South.

Mel R. Groves


Hey guys! Just want y’all to know that y’all make a dif- ference! My student and I started her name change pa- pers TODAY! Hopefully when school starts in the fall she will be on my role as Ms. Daisy!

Dr. Abreeotta Williams





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