Training and Support Resources:

Webinar: Funding for Grassroots Change


Some of the most visionary work in the South is often planned at the dinner table and funded out-of-pocket by grassroots leaders. These leaders sacrifice their time money, health and safety to make change in their home towns. Grassroots LGTBQ leadership is crucial to achieving lived and legal equality in the South, but it is also…

Webinar: LGBTQ in the South – Telling Your Story with Data


Data can be a powerful storytelling tool, yet historically there has been a lack of reliable statistics about LGBTQ Southerners. Thanks to the Williams Institute, that’s changing. We now have a growing body of data telling an important and multi-layered story about LGBTQ Southerners – that ⅓ of all LGBTQ people in our country live…

Applying for 501c3 Status – Feb 21, 2017 Webinar


When it comes to seeking funding, 0ne of the most common barriers grassroots leaders face is the lack of nonprofit status. Most foundations supporting LGBTQ work in the South require that groups have 501c3 status or a fiscal sponsor. Having 501c3 status isn’t necessarily the end-all-be-all for many grassroots groups, neither is it the best vehicle for…