Rapid Response: Safe Schools Safe Communities

We hear from people every day that they don’t feel safe. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed an alarming increase of hate crimes against religious minorities. As of April 24, nine trans women of color have been killed this year, four in the South alone. ICE presence in communities has increased significantly, causing families to fear picking up their kids from school, going to the grocery store, or attending church. We know that LGBTQ people are affected by all of these threats and more.

We want to hear – and fund – your ideas for increasing safety in your community. We’re open to all kinds of ideas – if it will make your community safer, we want to hear about it.

The Southern Equality Fund will accept and review applications on an ongoing basis for projects that:

  • Promote safety in schools and communities across the South; and
  • Protect and defend anyone who is targeted based on race, age, gender identity, immigration status, religious beliefs, ability and/or sexual orientation.

Rapid Response funding is for work that specifically responds to immediate and urgent needs.


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