Kayla Gore – Memphis, TN

Kayla Gore is a community mobilizer and activist for social justice. She is the Trans Services specialist at OUTMempihis where she work with the LGBTQ+ community. Kayla is a State Certified HIV tester and Sexual Health Counselor. When she’s not advocating the just treatment of Trans/GNC people ate OUTMemhis she volunteers for various CAB’s (community advisory boards) such as Memphis Community Bail Fund in partnership with Just City, Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, My Sistah’s House a local house for trans/gnc adults who have recently been released from incarceration/experiencing homelessness or anti-trans violence, Tri-State Black Pride Board Chair, St. Jude HPTN Advisory Board, Lebonheur CHIP-CAB.  Kayla has also worked on campaigns with Healthy and Free TN, NMAC, Gilead Pharma, Friends For Life, The Red Door Foundation, among many other organizations. In her spare time she enjoys doing absolutely nothing but listening to the sounds of life in her backyard with her two friendly pitt bulls. 

(901) 209-9995

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