How It Works

STEP ONE: An individual or group – informal or formal – with an idea to promote equality, safety, and/or visibility of LGBTQ people in their community needs funding for their project.
STEP TWO: They read about the eligibility and criteria for the Southern Equality Fund, to ensure their work is a good fit for a grassroots grant. Read more about the application guidelines.
STEP THREE: They complete our short and simple application process. Click here to learn how to apply.
STEP FOUR: The Southern Equality Fund Advisory Council, a group of individuals from across the South who represent the communities the fund seeks to serve – low-income, transgender, youth, people of color and immigrant populations – review applications and make funding decisions. Meet the Leadership of the Fund here.
STEP FIVE: CSE awards grants of up to $500 to groups with no strings attached, and promotes grantees’ work through social media, blog posts and our weekly #LGBTSouth Newsletter. Meet Southern Equality Fund grantees.
STEP SIX: Grantees are invited to take advantage of opportunities for ongoing training and support, to attend local and regional gatherings with other grassroots leaders from across the South, and to provide support to other grassroots leaders in their community. Read more about Training & Support through the Southern Equality Fund.
STEP SEVEN: Groups and individuals that don’t receive funding are still eligible for ongoing training and support and are invited to connect with the growing network of LGBTQ grassroots leaders.

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