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Rapid response to harmful legislation being proposed within the Alabama Legislature, the U.S. Congress, or from the Trump Administration. Rolling out new website with a legislative action center, where members can send emails to decision makers and to build our donor network to become more sustainable and self-sustaining.


Travel to Asheville, North Carolina to a Language Justice Curriculum meet up where we will be meeting with LGBTQ, young people, first and second generation immigrants, DACAmented and undocumented in hopes of bringing more of these folks into language justice work. We are six women of color, with the majority being mothers, so we need to take into account a car rental and travel expenses in order for us to get to Asheville safely. A lot of us in this new formation are new to this work and need to have access to training in order to further language justice work in the South, specifically in the Metro-Atlanta area. We want this to grow in the future to include other QTPOC people and languages but we understand that we need to have a strong foundation to move forward. We will be meeting language justice veterans and we hope to learn from them to get this crew going in Atlanta.

College Park

Provide support, training, and resources referral to other trans latinas and trans women of color.


Cultivate a united community in Henderson, NC across race, nationality and gender where everyone has equal rights and a better quality of life through education, activism and resources.


Volunteer-led membership-based group that serves a diverse community of trans and GNC people in upstate South Carolina, the majority of whom live below the poverty line and in rural areas, through peer support, education and advocacy.


Advocacy for trans person within NC/SC community, assist with mentoring, housing, shelter and other needs in order to live a stable livelihood.


1. Establish a digital messaging networking board or resources and support utilizing app based technology. 2. Implement High Impact HIV/AIDS Prevention Project (HIP/ Street Smart, NIA, Focus on youth, and Respect). 3. Mentor-ship and training for joining Shelby County Government Health Care & Prevention (H-CAP). M.E.N. long- term goal is to foster a reformed culture of black males in Memphis TN and surrounding areas to value and invest in health and community development.


We would like to use part of the fund to reimburse for the cost that went in making the film and use the rest for distribution purposes.

North Carolina

Community center for LGBTQ people and allies in Hattiesburg providing services, support groups, education, advocacy and community events.


Attend the TIES (Transgender Informational and Empowerment Summit) to discuss homelessness in the trans community in Virginia.

Virginia Beach