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Southern Equality Fund grassroots partners represent groups and many more individual leaders across the South who are doing inspiring and courageous work to make a difference in their local communities. View grassroots partners by funding round or search using the directory below:

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Launch a group for bisexual people of color dedicated to meeting regularly to host discussions, present workshops and build community.


Sponsorship for annual SEIRN conference for scholarships, childcare and interpretation costs.

College Park

Donation to crowdfunding campaign for Gavin Grimm's organizing and litigation efforts:

"You’ll hear more from me, my family, and my great legal team at the ACLU as my case proceeds. I can’t speak for every transgender person in the country, but I know I just want to be treated the same as my classmates. We need your support to make trans equality a reality." - Gavin Grimm, 18 year-old youth activist fighting for transgender students

Gloucester County

Funds will go to pay for AC Reynolds High School GSA student t-shirts.


Free shuttle service to increase access to voting for young people, people of color, folks earning low incomes, LGBTQ people and other marginalized communitites.


Outreach campaign to change how the general public perceives HIV and HIV testing and to destigmatize the LGBT community associated with HIV. Ads will focus on increasing awareness about who should get tested, how to get tested, advancements in treatment and prognosis, and encouraging greater Mobile to help eradicate HIV by getting free HIV testing at AIDS Alabama South and encouraging others to get tested.


Expanding outreach efforts to the LGBT HIV+ community by organizing activities and assisting group members with expenses related to attending their bi-monthly Positive Living Support Group.


Creation of a meeting place both virtually and physically for safe expression about intersectionality in the rural south.


America in Transition is a documentary series exploring community, family, and faith for trans people of color across the United States, as they travel across the US to capture real life for a veteran turned activist, a two-spirit dancer, and a model navigating family life.


Mobilize Community Connectors to provide voter education, registration and transportation assistance to those living with HIV or high rsisk negatives.

Little Rock


All participants of the Trans Leadership Initiative receive $1500, part of which goes to support their group and part of which goes to support their professional development. They choose how the money is divided. All have received an SEF grant prior to being invited to participate in this initiative. Read more about the Trans Leadership Initiative here. 

  • Daroneshia Duncan (TAKE Peer Group) – Birmingham, AL
  • Fletcher Page (GenderBenders) – Greenville, SC
  • LB Bell (The Spectrum Center) – Hattiesburg, MS
  • Suzy Geronimo (Fuerza y Unión Múltiple) – Henderson, NC

Total Awarded: $6,000


LGBTQ Southerners have acute needs related to their health, well-being and safety and yet face unique barriers to accessing culturally-competent direct services – including medical care and legal services – in local communities. We believe that people must be safe, healthy and able to meet basic needs in order to have the resources and resilience to reach their potential as leaders; in this way, ensuring access to services that meet immediate needs is part of the long-term project of movement building and achieving lived equality in the South.  The following grants were awarded to support LGBTQ-friendly health care and health education providers.

  • Western North Carolina Community Health Services (WNCCHS) – Transgender Health Center – $10,000
  • Western North Carolina AIDS Project (WNCAP) – Needle Exchange Program – $6,000

Total Awarded: $16,000

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