Funding for Orlando

The horrific attack that took place in Orlando on Latin Night at Pulse — when 49 individuals, primarily LGBTQ Latinx, were killed — weighs heavily on our hearts.


We are grieving, we are angry. And we are also called to respond.

Local organizers across Florida are doing incredible work to support the victims’ families, the survivors, and to help their community stand together in strength, courage and love, and to work toward a future where no one lives in fear.

To support these efforts, we are launching a Rapid Response round of CSE’s Southern Equality Fund to direct resources to grassroots groups and individuals organizing across Florida.

CSE is currently accepting applications on an ongoing basis and will be awarding grants of up to $250 each to Florida-based groups and organizations to support projects that:

  • Provide direct support to LGBT* individuals and their families/friends/communities impacted by the Orlando shooting;
  • Provide updates, keep people informed and offer support; or
  • Organize to create long-term culture and/or policy change.

Click here to apply online today. You do not need to be a 501(c)(3) to apply – you just need an idea about how to help, how to move forward.

We are honored to support the work of folks working tirelessly to achieve equality and justice for all.

Thank you,

Chloe Stuber
Hometown Organizing Project Director, Campaign for Southern Equality

P.S. La solicitud es bilingüe y pronto tendrémos los detalles de esta ronda también en español en la página web del fondo “Southern Equality Fund.”

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