Fund for Trans Generations – Rapid Response

The Fund for Trans Generations (FTG) Rapid Response Fund is a project of Borealis Philanthropy

As we have witnessed recently and historically, the conditions of trans communities can change rapidly due to increased visibility and transphobic attacks by individuals and institutions. Organizations and communities often need additional resources to respond quickly to organized opposition and to unanticipated events. The FTG rapid response fund will provide support for situations that require immediate response and for proactive activities that pursue strategic opportunities.

Borealis Approach to Rapid Response

  • Simple grant application process – one-page proposal and standard supporting materials where applicable.

  • Make grants quickly – ten days or less from the day all proposal materials are received; electronic grant agreement signatures and direct deposit options to increase promptness of payment processing. 

  • Accepted on a rolling basis.

Click here to learn how to apply.

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