Rapid Response: Safe Schools Safe Communities

We hear from people every day that they don’t feel safe. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed an alarming increase of hate crimes against religious minorities. As of April 24, nine trans women of color have been killed this year, four in the South alone. ICE presence in communities has increased significantly, causing families to fear picking…

Selma Legal Clinic Recap

By Quentin D. Bell The Selma Legal Clinic hosted by TKO Society Inc. & Campaign for Southern Equality provided direct support for 15 Trans-Folks in the form of name change assistance, financial stipends, birth certificate amendments, and general transition guides. However, its impact extends far beyond those 15 trans folks that were able to scratch…

The Southern Equality Fund: A Year in Review

By Chloe Stuber, Hometown Organizing Project Director We’re just two years into giving away a modest percentage of our budget to support grassroots work, and the impact is incredible. The Southern Equality Fund, launched in 2015, is a micro-granting project that invests in grassroots leadership in isolated and underresourced areas – with no strings attached.…

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