Leadership of the Fund

Advisory Council

The SEF Advisory Council plays a key leadership role in our grassroots grantmaking and is led by individuals based in the South who represent the communities the SEF seeks to serve.  The 2018 SEF Advisory Council will launch this spring.

Campaign for Southern Equality Staff

CSE staff and consultants coordinate the Southern Equality Fund, including supporting the Advisory Council, fundraising for the SEF, providing grassroots webinars and trainings, and advocating for increased funding for grassroots work in the South. 

Chloe Stuber

Training & Language Justice Consultant • Charleston, SC

Chloe Stuber previously served as Southern Equality Fund Director with the Campaign for Southern Equality and has been active in social justice efforts in North Carolina and across the South since 2007. She is now a consultant coordinating SEF’s grassroots webinars and language justice efforts. She lives in Charleston, SC with her partner José and their cat Billie and dog Mahtli.

Craig White

Equity & Strategy Consultant • Asheville, NC

Craig has more than 20 years experience providing capacity-building support to grassroots organizations in the South and Appalachia. Craig also works as a racial equity trainer and consultant, and has been active in CSE’s leadership since it launched. He lives in Asheville, NC.

Britney Nesbit

Southern Equality Fund Coordinator • Greenville, SC

Britney Nesbit was born in Atlanta but calls Charleston, South Carolina home. Britney is a proud University of South Carolina alum. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Her love for science and passion for helping others led her to pursue a career as a pharmacist. But after witnessing the real health disparities experienced by LGBT+ folks and marginalized communities of color, she was motivated to step outside of the healthcare provider role and into the role of a social justice advocate. Britney has exercised her commitment to intersectional advocacy, racial equity, and coalition building by facilitating LGBT+ ally workshops, creating empathy-building training sessions, and teaming up with LGBT+ community organizations to make healthcare institutes a safer and affirming space for LGBT+ individuals. She completed her year as a Community Organizer for CSE through the Tzedek Social Justice Fellowship in July 2017 and is  now the Southern Equality Fund Coordinator.

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